Find of the Week

Happy Tuesday to all! Hope your lunch break comes soon so you can indulge in some fine blogging! To start, let me tell you about the weekend and my favorite vintage shop find to date!

I was busy wrapping up a good friend's wedding invitations where the biggest challenge is time difference. She's in Hong Kong and I'm in New York but the wedding is in Puerto Rico. There is some serious time lag before we all reach an agreement on the designs but, after a few months, we have finally reached the printing stage! Being my first time working on such a large print job I was overwhelmed by the task of making sure the prints came out exactly as I wanted which is always the trickiest part of doing a print design. What is on screen is usually never what you get on paper. But, I got my prints back and was completely surprised and relieved to find that they came out exactly how I dreamed! I highly recommend this print shop if any of you have ever felt my same fear when printing! Here is the link for Minuteman Press, they are located in Downtown Brooklyn, on Atlantic Ave and Smith Street.  

As I left the print shop in Brooklyn and ventured into Manhattan to get the envelopes, the final piece to the wedding invite puzzle. Done with my envelope purchase, I walked by this tiny vintage jewelry shop in the Chelsea neighborhood called Pippin. They have a back alley that surprised me with the Find of the Week. A brief backstory to this: My fist job EVER in NYC was Junior Designer at Popular Science Magazine where I worked closely with the print edition before I moved to the iPad issues. I loved working with the editors and learning about insane science stuff and turning it into art. With this in mind...Lo and Behold! As I walk though the store, I find a tub full of Popular Science Magazines from the 1920's to 1970's! I was in awe and of course I bought some! Check out the pics below!

Find of the Week! This is how I found them, waiting to be purchased by me.

Purchase of the Week! From left to right: September 1925, October 1936 and July 1955 issues. 

This is what I love most about New York City... you never know what you are going to find and most times you run into things that strike a cord in your heart. This was definitely a very sentimental find. The two years I worked at Popular Science, I never saw a hard copy of the vintage magazines and here I am, walking around the city and find a tub full of them. Is it destiny? Is it a sign that this city knows me what more than I ever thought it would? Not sure, but I do know that this made me feel at home and that no matter how alone you are, you will never be lonely in NYC.