It's about time!

Hello internet community! It's fall, which means time for cozy sweaters and finishing all those TO DO lists I started in May. First in the list:  FINALLY finished my long awaited website and what would be more appropriate than to start blogging on the day of my website launch?

To get started (as a tablet designer) I want to know what you think about the Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone cover that invaded our iPad screens (and print subscribers alike) with her highly talked about interview. Love it or hate it? Tired of recognizing her tongue better than her face?

 I'm new to this blogging thing and just want to have fun with it, share cool design inspired stuff and give you something to read during your downtime (or a reason to procrastinate). 

And with that I will introduce you to my spanking-new website and blog! May the government re-open and may Miley keep licking stuff! 


 Yum, I taste better than that hammer!

Yum, I taste better than that hammer!